Winner of the first round

May 16, 2012 − by Gillian MacAulay − in Uncategorized − Comments Off


Gabriel investments would like to introduce Klik2Learn – the company securing the investment from our very first pitching session.

Klik2Learn brings together experienced professionals and exciting educational software in a unique package. Students can benefit from an on-line classroom with a teacher they can see and talk to plus a range of interactive tools that bring learning to life.

Klik2Learn is also focusing on developing new content for the
ESOL market, including an SQA course, apps and games.

The platform has very low requirements, due to it being based
online and users only require to have a broadband connection.

For more information visit the Klik2Learn website

Congratulations to Klik2Learn and we very much look forward
to working with you.

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