Gillian MacAulay, Director and Gatekeeper

Managing Director, SUI Limited and Upstarts UK Limited

Since the birth of Scotland’s first business incubator in 1990, Gillian has established the Strathclyde University Incubator (SUI) as one of the leading environments for young companies looking to develop and grow. Gillian was instrumental in establishing the unique Upstarts investment programme for young technology-based pre-start businesses.

As well as providing start up and business development advice, primarily in the areas of finance, grant assistance, business planning and marketing for young companies, Gillian is also involved in advising on exit strategies for her clients.

As MD of SUI and Upstarts, Gillian has helped nurture over a hundred young businesses and implemented a strong office and client support system. In her role at Upstarts, she seeks pre-start technology investment opportunities and was closely involved in the successful investment in Cascade Technologies, SpaceandPeople plc, Centeo Biosciences and more recently Deliverics Limited and Treegreen.