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Dyneval Ltd have created award-winning patented technology for precise measurement of semen quality. Founded in April 2020 by Tiffany and Dr Vincent Martinez, the complex fluid physicists discovered that the fluctuations of light passing through a semen sample could be used to determine key quality parameters known to be linked to reproductive quality of semen, the mean speed and percentage of progressively motile spermatozoa. 

Current computer aided semen analysers are limited in their portability, accuracy, and experts rely on using their eyes to determine semen quality which is time consuming and can vary accuracy depending on the technician. Dyneval offers a portable solution that will allow users to obtain precise, user-independent measurements for almost any sample, allowing the experts to improve their understanding of the factors affecting male fertility. This comes at a significant time, as research published by Professor Garnsworthy from the University of Nottingham, showed that if conception rates can be raised by 27%, methane emissions can be reduced by up to 10%.   The average conception rate on UK dairy farms is around 40% although the top farms achieve conception rates averaging 70%. The Dynescan helps vets and farmers to increase conception rates through using better quality semen. Dyneval is a disruptive technology creating a new market that will shine a light on male fertility, where previous focus has predominantly been on treatments for women.

Dr Tiffany Wood and Dr Vincent Martinez - Dyneval Founders
Founders Dr Tiffany Wood and Dr Vincent Martinez have created a technology that will enable fertility experts to monitor the health of spermatozoa over time.

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In October 2021, Dyneval secured a £1.3M investment round to leverage a total of £710K grant funding from Innovate UK and Scottish Enterprise after winning the IBioIC Scottish Edge award in May 2021. Since winning investment, Dyneval has enjoyed rapid growth and expanded the team from 3 to 11 members of staff and launched their first product, Dynescan, to the veterinary market at the beginning of March 2022.

Dyneval aims to establish Dynescan as the industry standard for semen quality across the livestock production industry. Research into the use of Dynescan for human fertility is already underway in the labs of male fertility expert, Sarah Martins da Silva, with the hope that the precise measurement technology offered by Dyneval can provide clinicians with insight into factors affecting male fertility. Since Dyneval technology is easy to use, they hope that one day it will become the expert’s choice offered to men to use in the comfort of their own homes under the guidance and advice of professionals.

Dynescan by Dyneval - Livestock Semen Quality Assessment
The Dynescan is robust, portable and can be adapted to a wide range of species and challenges.

We are delighted to be supporting such an innovative company within the veterinary medicine and diagnostics arena, and look forward to supporting them through their entrepreneurial journey.  It was also great to be collaborating with two other Scottish Syndicates, Kelvin Capital and Par Equity, alongside Scottish Enterprise. This collaborative approach will allow Dyneval to be more ambitious and have a longer runway, due to the funding from all three syndicates. We wish Dyneval well and look forward to hearing of their progress."

Gill McAulay, Gabriel Founder