Frequently Asked Questions


What does Gabriel Investments Ltd do?

We are an angel syndicate investing in very early stage businesses and ideas.

What is the process?

Completion of an online 2-3 page application which will be assessed. If the application is a fit, you will be asked to meet with the Gatekeeper who will initially discuss your proposal and see if Gabriel and the company are a fit for each other. If it is agreed that a pitch slot is given you will then work with Gabriel to refine your pitch in advance of pitching to the Angel Syndicate.

The angels meet 4-6 times a year, selecting well-structured, process-driven projects or company ideas. At each of these meetings Gabriel will decide on which pitches it wishes to put an investment offer to.

What happens after the meeting?

Gabriel’s Gatekeeper will let you know that day if it is going to put an offer to them and give the terms and conditions of that offer verbally on the same day.

Successful pitches are then nurtured and supported through to the next level of investment, ideally within 6-9 months. The process is simple, to help get the funds injected into the business quickly.

Am I eligible?

Companies from a broad spectrum of sectors will be eligible for investment, but Gabriel’s focus is on companies that can demonstrate growth potential, ambition and scalability, preferably in new products and markets.

Who are the Angel Syndicate looking for?

Gabriel want you to have a vision of how you want to move the company forward, so we would like you to have:

  • Identified some of the key challenges you think you may face in the first 6-9 months.
  • A vision of how to add value to the business and its shareholders (scalability, volume, etc.).
  • A clear view of the unique opportunity you feel your business has.
  • A view on the team that will help drive the company forward including
  • Any skills gaps you feel you have.
  • An outline of the financial requirements over the first stage of the company’s life.
I think I’d benefit from Gabriel funding?

If you think you would benefit from investment from Gabriel, you can look at our website or get in touch with the Gatekeeper for more information.

I’ve applied by filling in the application, what now?

The application will be vetted by Gabriel’s Gatekeeper and contact will be made from there to see if there is a fit. If it is felt that there is a fit, you will be invited to present to the angels at an agreed date and time, and they will decide from there the next appropriate steps.