At a glance, here is how Gabriel Investments works:

  • Up to four times a year, a selection of well-structured, process-driven projects or company ideas are put before the Gabriel Syndicate, which draws on expertise from the business and commercial communities.
  • Early stage companies are chosen to be invested in, nurtured and supported through to the next level of investment, ideally within six to nine months. Any deals offered will be non-negotiable.
  • A certain amount of due diligence is undergone at the start.
  • While the product or service is refined, four or five benchmarks must be reached, and regular corporate ‘health checks’ passed, to help make the business a more attractive proposition for new investors for the next stage of investment.
  • Support includes a minimum of £40k from Gabriel, plus matching funding from Scottish Enterprise.
  • The new business must use Gabriel’s virtual office set-up and let Gabriel administer book-keeping duties.
  • The new business must join Gabriel’s Accelerator Programme, to ensure that the company stays focused on the benchmarks agreed at the outset of investment, which will in turn add value to the business at the next level of investment.
  • Ancillary services can include physical space, business planning, financial projections, marketing strategy, administrative and secretarial support, IP advice and more, provided by established Strathclyde University Incubator.

Who can apply?

Click here to find out about out investment criteria and how to apply.