Tell us about your bright idea. If we love it, we’ll arrange a meeting to hear more. It’s a chance for both teams to see if we could work together profitably.

If we decide to go ahead with your application, we’ll offer you a date to pitch to our investors.

Before the pitch, our team will work with you to hone your presentation and ensure you have the best chance of success.

On the pitch day, you’ll have 10 minutes to present your idea. There will be a further 20 minutes for investors to ask you questions.

If the investors decide to make you an offer, our gatekeeper will contact you on the day of the pitch. She’ll give a verbal outline of the terms and conditions, which are non-negotiable.

We aim to agree a deal within a month of offer. Once that’s done, we’ll nurture and support your business to the next level of investment – ideally within 6 to 9 months.

Our aim is to inject the funds into your business as quickly as possible. Naturally we’ll expect regular, thorough reports of your progress.

Through the Strathclyde University Incubator, you can benefit from services such as:

• office space
• business planning
• financial projections
• marketing strategy
• administrative support
• IP advice.

Your business will also join Gabriel’s Accelerator programme and adopt our virtual office set-up.

Together, this support will ensure the company stays focused on the agreed benchmarks – adding value to the business at the next stage of investment.


If you have a business idea, product or service that meets Gabriel’s criteria then please complete the online Application Form by the following steps:

    £ MARKET





    – Click on the link below to open the application form.
    – Complete the form and press submit when finished.
    – The form will be sent to us automatically by email when you click submit.

    Application Form

    If you experience any issues with submitting the document please use our contact form to get in touch for assistance.