Our Process

Once we receive your online application for funding we will carry out an initial consideration and let you know whether we will proceed with your application or not.

If we do decide to proceed, our Gatekeeper will set up a meeting with you at which our key objectives will be to;

  • meet and asses you and your team to ensure we could work successfully together
  • discuss your proposal in more detail
  • describe to you how a Gabriel investment would work and what we can bring to you in addition to the funding
  • decide if a pitch slot will be given

We may request further information following that initial meeting. However, if we decide to continue with your application and agree a pitch slot, you will then work closely with our Gabriel to refine your pitch in advance of pitching to the Angel Syndicate.

Our angels meet 4-6 times a year to select well-structured, process-driven projects or company ideas. At each of these meetings investment opportunities will be presented to our angels and they will decide on which pitches they wish to put an investment offer to. These presentations are strictly limited to of 10 minutes presenting time and 20 minutes for Q&A.

Following your presentation, our Gatekeeper will contact you that day if the Angels are going to put an offer and give the terms and conditions of that offer verbally on the same day. All deals offered will be non-negotiable.

Successful pitches are then nurtured and supported through to the next level of investment, ideally within 6-9 months. The process is simple, to help get the funds injected into the business quickly. We will expect regular and thorough reporting of your progress.

Ancillary services can include physical space, business planning, financial projections, marketing strategy, administrative and secretarial support, IP advice and more, provided by the established Strathclyde University Incubator. The new business must use Gabriel’s virtual office set-up and let Gabriel administer book-keeping duties. The new business must join Gabriel’s Accelerator Programme, to ensure that the company stays focused on the benchmarks agreed at the outset of investment, which will in turn add value to the business at the next level of investment.


How to Apply for funding

If you meet our criteria for investment, please complete our 2-3 page online application form. We do not wish to see a business plan and full financial projections, this is part of the purpose of our accelerator programme. We will acknowledge receipt of your application and it will be vetted by our Gatekeeper and contact will be made from there to see if there is a fit.

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