What we are looking for…

Whilst we know you’ll not have all the answers, that’s what the Accelerator Programme will help with, we do want to you have a vision of how you want to move the company forward, so we would like you to have:

  • Identified some of the key challenges you think you may face in the first 6-9 months.
  • A vision of how to add value to the business and its shareholders (scalability, volume etc).
  • A clear view of the unique opportunity you feel your business has.
  • A view on the team that will help drive the company forward including any skills gaps you feel you have.
  • An outline of the financial requirements over the first stage of the company’s life.

The Next Step:

If you feel that Gabriel’s investment and accelerator programme are for you, we need you to fill in the online application. We do not wish to see a business plan and full financial projections, this is part of what the accelerator programme is for.

The application will be vetted by Gabriel’s Gatekeeper and contact will be made from there to see if there is a fit.

If it is felt that there is a fit, you will be invited to present to the membership at an agreed date and time, and they will decide from there the next appropriate steps.

Apply for an investment now

Our application is the key. Nothing else will open the door, so please adhere to all of the stipulations, especially the number of words in your answers.

Apply now.