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Cojengo Ltd Cosneta Ltd Pick Protection Ltd
K2L Ltd Ltd Biogelx Ltd Connect-In Ltd Ltd
Cargoseat Ltd Optomize Ltd Estendio Ltd
Cojengo Ltd
Cojengo specialise in mobile and cloud solutions which address animal and human health issues in the developing world.
Working in collaboration with Microsoft Africa, our solutions enable veterinary professionals and rural farmers to quickly and accurately diagnose livestock illness and source appropriate assistance. This allows users to gain access to diagnostic advice and medication, store data for compliance, disease surveillance and monitoring and improve information sharing between key stakeholders.
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Cosneta Ltd
Cosneta Ltd have developed the interactive whiteboard in your pocket. It’s a digital pen (called FreeRunner) that can turn any projected display into a personal interactive whiteboard, allowing you to control your computer from the image as if it were a touch screen. You can then highlight, draw or annotate over any document or application. You can also network with other FreeRunner devices.Since Gabriel, Cosneta has come on leaps and bounds. At the end of February the company appointed David Muir as Non-Executive Chairman and held its first board meeting with investors present.
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Pick Protection
Pick Protection is a security company that will offer a unique personal attack alarm supported by a 24-hour monitoring service. Upon activation, the alarm will transmit a GPS location to a central monitoring station via a smartphone app. The monitoring station will then directly contact the police. During activation, an internal microphone will be used to record all dialogue, which can then be used in a court of law. The aim of this will be to increase conviction rates.
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K2L Ltd
Today’s digital natives learn and think differently but for many, the online revolution is left behind at the door of the classroom. K2L aims to play a leading role in the online learning revolution by bringing together technology and pedagogy.The company’s web conferencing software connects experienced professionals and students and provides them both with digital learning resources. Students can benefit from an on-line classroom with a teacher they can see and talk to plus a range of interactive tools that bring learning to life.
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Biogelx Ltd
Biogelx was created to commercialise advances in recently patented tuneable peptide gels, generated by the internationally recognised Ulijn Group at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow The technology represents a major opportunity to improve the way toxicology testing and drug development is carried out.The first Biogelx products are in the field of cell biology/cell culture where there is a growing need to store, grow, proliferate and manipulate naturally derived cells within 3D matrices/nanoscaffolds.
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Connect-In’s first product, the SmartTAG is a simple “connect and forget” wireless security device for the end users. The SmartTAG differentiates itself from any other tagging solution currently available on price, reliability, size, and battery life. These four parameters combine to offer a truly compelling value proposition for SmartTAG customers is what made Gabriel angels want to invest in order to get Connect-In onto the first rung of the ladder.
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Cargoseat Ltd
Families travelling abroad for holidays can often run into problems when they need to hire a car seat for their child. Alongside safety concerns and issues with quality, hire charges can be inconsistent, unreliable, and unreasonably high. To add to this problem, families struggle to carry their own booster seats from home so often have no other option than to hire. Cargoseat Ltd has developed a two-in-one travel product for children, which first acts as the child’s suitcase, and then transforms into a booster seat for car journeys. This solves the problem with carrying multiple items, as children can carry it themselves. Ensuring child safety is at the forefront of Cargoseat’s product development.
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Optomize Ltd
Optomize Ltd is an innovative technology company, bringing to market eye-tracking and cognitive testing services in order to help operators communicate effectively with machine interfaces.Digital display systems such as control room monitors and gauges, desktop, medical and CCTV displays, and mobile faces are increasingly relied upon on energy, transport, health, defence, and financial services industries.
Estendio Ltd
With nearly all dyslexics struggling to present due to the poor working memory, dyslexic students are put in a position of extreme difficulty – one to which there is no current solution as graded presentations are now such a large aspect of higher education. Present Pal will be the first of a series of assistive Apps for Dyslexics by Estendio – who aim to revolutionise the educational development of Dyslexics throughout the world, helping them to achieve their full academic potential. Tailored to the recommendations of a series of experts – Present Pal will look to encourage the use of the compensated long term memory.
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