Novosound is the first spin-out company to emerge from the   University of the West of Scotland. They won the 2017   Converge  Challenge, and have developed and patented a   ground-breaking  technique to mass-manufacture printable   ultrasound sensors. The revolutionary method overcomes the   limitations of existing technology, improving  the manufacturing   process.

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EBar Initiatives

EBar are an Aberdeen start-up developing innovative solutions      to bar capacity issues. Their solution will pour the perfect pint      in under 3 seconds, maximising the customer experience and      the venues opportunity to sell drinks.

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Pick Protection

Pick Protection is committed to helping companies protect their lone and at-risk employees. They provide affordable lone worker protection that is easy to implement and easy for employees to use every day. They believe that everyone has the right to feel safe at work and that our solutions can truly make a difference.

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Estendio is a multi award winning Scottish start up which was incorporated in November 2014, with the mission to provide software and support applications which allow everyone to fulfil their potential in their academic and professional lives.

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CuanTec is an innovative biopolymer company based in Scotland that is taking chitosan from langoustine food waste and creating a next generation range of anti-microbial, biodegradable, compostable food packaging.

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Pixey is the online marketplace for finding, and licensing, real-time Instagram photos and videos for your online marketing.

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Biogelx are an innovative biomaterials company who design and supply a family of tuneable peptide hydrogels. As a synthetic scaffold/matrix offers artificial tissue environments, these biomaterials are creating new opportunities in the fields of 3D cell culture and Bioprinting.

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As language specialists, K2L are focused on technology that can transform language learning. This innovative digital learning resource, allows companies to offer a fully on-line accredited qualification in English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL). The software is fully on-line (web based) and allows organisations to offer tutoring via on-line interactive learning materials which includes 3D models, animations, videos and      audio recordings. In addition, the software allows tutors at partner organisations to communicate through live teaching sessions with their                                                        students around other commitments.

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Roylance Stability Storage

Roylance Stability Storage is a state of the art pharmaceutical storage facility, offering all conditions as defined in ICH, Q1A and Q1B guidelines for the four main world climatic zones as well as any custom conditions you may require. Their headquarters are based at Biocity and they specialise in the simulation of conditions.

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As more and more travelers organise their own holidays via the web and budget airlines, the need for convenient, low-cost car hire has boomed. And, as every family who has travelled with small children will know, so have the charges for ‘extras’ such as child seats. With the cost of a single car seat hire often amounting to 15% of the cost of the hire fee, this is an ‘extra’ that can really bump up the cost of a family holiday. Alongside safety concerns and issues with quality, hire charges can be inconsistent, unreliable, and unreasonably high.

The solution is the CarGo Seat. They have developed a two-in-one travel product for children, which first acts as the child’s roller travel suitcase, and                                           ……then transforms into a secure booster seat ready for in car use.

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Optomize uses eye-tracking technology along with a range of cognitive measures and software products to provide training packages. They offer quantitative, statistical and qualitative scientific results to improve efficiency, situation awareness, confidence and competency. In essence, they facilitate the learning curve from novice to expert skill acquisition.

Additionally, Optomize offer eye-tracking services, research and development in diagnostic applications and prototype testing.There work involves collecting expert and novice data from multiple medical disciplines which provides an opportunity to build knowledge of human behaviour and decision making.

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………………………………… .EnteroBiotix 

EnteroBiotix is patient-centered biotechnology company developing novel medicinal products for use in infections or diseases associated with imbalances of bacteria in the human gastrointestinal tract.

They are building on the clinically proven strategy of faecal microbiota transplantation (FMT). FMT is the process of transferring bacteria from the gut of a healthy donor into the gut of a recipient to restore a healthy ________________________balance. Primary focus lies on using the body’s own microorganisms to ________________________prevent and treat debilitating infections and diseases.

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