Attis Fitness is a Glasgow-based sports technology start-up aiming to advance performances for runners of all kinds. They created STRIDESENSE – a state of the art gait analysis tool that allows running coaches, sports laboratories, running clinics and professional running clubs to analyse their clients’ running data like never before.

STRIDESENSE consists of sensors placed on specially designed leggings to accurately measure an entire running stride. The sensors sync to an app which allows the user to see a complete breakdown and visualisation of their movement, giving running professionals the tools for a complete gait analysis at the push of a button. What’s more, the simple set-up-and-go functionality means the tool can be used from anywhere, allowing online businesses to work with clients across the globe. 

After 5 years of research, testing, and multiple prototypes, the team released the product back in May 2021. Now, STRIDESENSE is helping running institutions and businesses to maximise their clients’ data and use new era sports technology to transform how people think about and understand their running gait. 

STRIDESENSE was created with the goal of cutting through the world of data-driven running tech to help runners get the best understanding of their gait, to aid performance advancement and injury prevention. As a company of running enthusiasts, they are dedicated to using high-end technology to help running specialists provide professional gait services at a fraction of the cost of traditional run labs, with an easier to understand interface and a greater pool of data collection across the user’s whole stride from real runs, not just on a treadmill.

What’s Next?

The company is now focusing on product refinement – ensuring that they continue to gather and act on feedback from customers and testers on STRIDESENSE. They are also aiming to add valuable personnel to their team and expand the services they currently offer, with a particular eye on expanding the brand internationally.

Attis Fitness

The Attis Fitness Team
The Attis Team

"The financial investment from Gabriel has aided our business no end, allowing us to secure two full-time positions and ensure that the product was fully supported along the development process, from prototype to market. 

Gabriel has also helped to fund our marketing campaign from the launch. Outside of the financials, their invaluable support and guidance have been very helpful from pre-launch to trading in the present day. We regularly receive help and advice in terms of business planning and useful connections to experts in the fields of marketing, supply chain management and other sector-specific clients. 

As a start-up business, and, with limited resources, Gabriel has helped to bridge the gap to our competitors with their industry knowledge and expansive networking opportunities.”

Tim Elizondo, Founder & CEO

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