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Founded by Ishani Malhotra in 2018 , Carcinotech is a MedTech company with expertise in manufacturing 3D-printed living tumours using patient-derived biopsies, primary cells, immune cells, and cancer stem cells. Carcinotech’s advanced models provide a platform for rapid, ethical, sustainable, and accurate drug screening, pre-clinical and personalised medicine testing.

The company’s vision is to be at the forefront of cancer drug testing and provide personalised medicine testing to each individual suffering from cancer, to better their chance of treatment and survival.

Working with global partners, leading pharma companies, surgeons, pathologists, clinicians, and industry leaders, the goal is to accelerate drug screening and enable the delivery of more effective cancer treatments to market. Access to Carcinotech’s robotic and automated manufacturing allows for accelerated production, with models offering high-throughput capabilities.

Gabriel has provided funding to accelerate Carcinotech’s proof of concept, which allowed them to validate their technology and collect robust data to get clients onboard. We have also supported with business advice and mentoring alongside supporting the company’s commercial and business development activities.

The team at Carcinotech have a bright future ahead, with the following exciting updates:

  • Expansion of Carcino3D™ technology into three new cancers + commercialisation

As work continues at home with the expansion of their Carcino3D™ technology into three new cancers (Ovarian, Colorectal and Lung) doubling their previous offering, they are now looking to focus on commercialisation. Ishani is heading to the US in November to generate leads and business within this very profitable market. They also continue to invest in efforts to develop further cancer models with several exciting projects currently in the pipeline.

  • A growing team- 7 new members of staff

As seven new members of staff join the team across scientific, business and admin roles things are quickly picking up pace, bringing a whole new set of skills and expertise to the company.

  • Recent awards

Carcinotech have been very fortunate to have received continued third-party recognition in the form of various awards. Recognising both the work being done at Carcinotech as well as Ishani’s personal achievements.

  • The Scottish SME Business Awards 2022 – Best Female Entrepreneur of the Year Winner (Ishani Malhotra)
  • The Scottish Women’s Awards 2022 – Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist (Ishani Malhotra)
  • GHP International Life Sciences Awards 2022 – Best 3D Printed Tumour MedTech Company winner

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The investment from Gabriel helped me to take the company to a new level of development, it allowed us to prove the cutting-edge technology Carcinotech has developed and get to commercialisation faster than anticipated. As a small start-up business, the support from Gabriel was instrumental in facilitating the company’s growth.”

Ishani Malhotra, Carcinotech Founder

Pressing forward in the industry, highlights of the Carcinotech work can be seen in the following Forbes article: Find here