Gibson RoboticsGibson Robotics is an aerial robotics company that specialises in the development of drones to protect restricted airspace from aerial threats. Their advanced high-speed drones use human-on-the-loop autonomy and utilise long range nets to capture rogue drones and prevent disruption and damage they can cause.

The business was founded by Joe Gibson in January 2020, after a experiencing a 10-minute delay on at Glasgow airport when a hobby drone caused some disruption in April 2017. With a longstanding passion for in artificial intelligence, robotics and aerospace, Joe spotted the opportunity to invent and utilise a counter drone solution for protection and security across a range of industries and infrastructure, including aerospace and agriculture.

The startup quickly grew traction upon the creation of first prototypes (with funding from the University of Strathclyde and RS Components), winning the Scottish Institute for Enterprise (SIE) Fresh Ideas Award, the SIE Catalyst Award and support from the Santander SME Internship Programme. However, as the business found, hardware technology does burn through cash reserves quickly, and this is where Gabriel was able to come in and support their next steps.


How Gabriel Helped Gibson Robotics

  • Introduction to Will Whitehorn and helping to build a board that will accelerate the growth of the business.
  • Coaching the team in advance of the investment pitch.
  • Leading a vital pre-seed funding round that will rapidly accelerate development of the drone demonstrator.
  • Provided the business with a mentor for 12 months.
  • Total investment in the business of £226K.

Gibson Robotics & Gabriel IS

“Gabriel is delighted to support this bright and innovative founder to bring his first product to market. The world has changed dramatically over the last 12-18 months, and drone technology is taking massive strides to help the world cope with the demands being put on it, and drone technology we believe will play an integral part in that delivery”.

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