Why become a Gabriel investor?

Gabriel Investment Syndicate

In 2021, our team at Gabriel Investment Syndicate successfully closed 9 investment deals, supporting 9 Scottish entrepreneurial businesses with a total of new Gabriel funds invested of £380k, leveraging a further £10m of capital.  These deals incorporated working with many angel syndicates and funds, such as Tricap, Equity Gap, Kelvin and Par Equity.

The start-ups that we have invested in are diverse, showcasing some of the very best technology and talent that Scotland has to offer – this ranges from aerial robotics and educational software to human microbiome technology and limb prostheses development.

We cannot underestimate the positive impact that these investments have on our economy in Scotland – creating jobs, driving revenue, development of technological advances, and nurturing the incredible wealth of entrepreneurial talent that exists in this country.

Crucially, our team of board members and investors don’t just stop at finance – we see mentoring and business support as an integral part of our offering, to maximise our portfolio’s opportunities and successes.

Would you like to get involved in investing in and supporting Scottish start-ups? There are many advantages to joining us:

  • Networking opportunities – a chance to meet a wide network based across Scotland of established and start-up businesses, alongside our other investors and board
  • Giving back through mentoring young companies – we believe that the advice and support that mentoring can offer is invaluable, and has helped many of our portfolio businesses succeed
  • The potential for good return on investments – by investing at the very early stages, you can maximise your chance for a positive return
  • A portfolio approach to investment which spreads the risk by not having all your eggs in one basket
  • Tax incentives, with up to 50% tax relief for our investors
  • Fun – the chance to get involved with new businesses in emerging sectors, innovators and experienced investors

We also provide a full gate keeping service for investments, putting opportunities in front of you, managing the whole investment process and maintaining information flow once deals are done – therefore the time commitment we require from you is focused on your investee businesses, rather than admin.

Ian Steele is Non-Executive Chairman at iomart Group and spent most of his career at Deloitte. Ian joined Gabriel because he relished the idea of being a businessperson that could use his knowledge and skillset to help create wealth and jobs in Scotland. He notes that there are very few funding opportunities for smaller investments which Gabriel specialises in, so the market is rich in potential here. He is also passionate about helping young entrepreneurs to find their way and speed up their learning curves.

He said;

“Gabriel is very much people-based – it’s not just about being interested in making money.”

Will Whitehorn is an expert in the space industry and is currently the Chancellor of Edinburgh Napier University. He is particularly enthused by the opportunities that Gabriel provides for him to work alongside and nurture “acorns that can grow into oaks.”

He said; “There are not enough angels around, and during this particular period of the world we are in right now, Britain needs more Gabriels!”

If you are interested in joining us as an angel investor, please contact us at g.macaulay@gabriel-is.com.

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