Gabriel Investments opens the door to new businesses, quickly and simply

A heaven-sent opportunity for pre-start and start-up businesses needing funding.

Never has it been more important to ensure that the environment is right for business ideas, innovation and ambition to flourish in Scotland. A crucial element in creating that environment is providing access to funding.

Many businesses are frustrated in dealings with banks; many angel syndicates are committed to existing projects. It is a situation that can see pre-start and young businesses left without adequate support and investments, at a time when it is often vital to have it.

Simpler approach for younger businesses

Gabriel is a new angel syndicate, aimed specifically at supporting young businesses.  It doesn’t matter how young – we welcome ‘lightbulb moments’ too – and the process is simple, to help get the funds injected into the business quickly.

Companies from a broad spectrum of sectors will be eligible for funding, but Gabriel’s focus is on companies that can demonstrate growth potential, ambition and scalability, preferably in new products and markets.

How it works

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